Closing The Loop. Utilising Low Value Wood

Closing The Loop. Utilising Low Value Wood

Harvesting stumps

Pine tree stumps are considered a low value wood, too resinous and cumbersome to process for many traditional uses of wood such as building material or paper.

However these stumps, are perfect for Leaf Resources, the high resin content makes them ideal for extracting natural pine chemicals such as rosin and turpentine.

Using stumps is a great opportunity for Leaf Resources to increase the raw material supply. The current log supply is capped at 15,000 tonnes but there are over 200,000 tonnes of unutilised pine stumps left unharvested every year.

Utilising stumps is also mutually beneficial for our forestry partners too, Stump harvesting reduces the site prep costs, improves the productivity of the land, encourages natural reforestation and removes fuel from the forest floor during prescribed burns.

After we have extracted the rosin-rich content from the stumps has been removed, the remainder of the stump is sold as wood chip, with plans in the future to evolve to other sustainable products.