Stump Trial and Plant Upgrade Updates

Stump Trial and Plant Upgrade Updates

Introducing the T-Rex.

Appropriately named for its strong teeth which prise the roots out of the ground. The T-Rex has been purchased by our forestry partners to improve the speed and efficiency of the stump-pulling, from every 60 seconds to every 30 seconds.

Once the stump is removed, the roots are left behind to fertilise the soil. At the plant, the stump is cleaned with specialised equipment, before being chipped.

Not only is utilising stumps beneficial to Leaf Resources, but also to our forest owners, as it generates extra value from the forest and can help with establishing more efficient replanting methods.

Plant upgrade Update

Our engineering partners Superior Stainless Ltd in NZ have been doing a stellar job dismantling the plant. Making the most of a break in the wind and rain, the roof has been removed. Watch the time lapse video here. The rest of the plant is being placed into shipping containers. The team is chartering a ship to transport the plant to Apple Tree Creek.

We have engaged specialist third party engineering firms for all design, project management, regulatory and safety compliance aspects of the rebuild to ensure the plant operates at optimum capacity and yield.