Behind the scenes: The Apple Tree Creek Site

Behind the scenes: The Apple Tree Creek Site

Leaf Resources has developed a proprietary process to extract rosin and terpenes from pine logs, producing the high quality, clean rosin and terpenes which are used in a multitude of consumer products, including perfumes, cosmetics, food additives, adhesives, disinfectants, synthetic rubbers and printing inks.

In 2019, formerly Essentially Queensland commissioned a pilot plant and successfully tested pine chemical production at its Apple Tree Creek site in Isis Central, Queensland. In March 2020, after successful pilot plant trials, EQ began to dismantle the pilot plant to make way for a new commercial plant on the same site (Apple Tree Creek Plant).

EQ’s technology uses a series of mature and proven technologies (chipping, extraction, steam distillation, and liquid-liquid separation) consistent with solvent extraction processes from plant material. EQ’s point of difference lies in the use of a proprietary and innovative pine-based natural solvent to release rosin and terpenes from pine chips.

The process is supported by several different utilities (again proven and mature techniques), including a boiler, condensate recovery system, cooling tower, air compressor, and wastewater treatment system.

Below is an insight into the manufacturing process.