Natural Wood Rosin

We extract natural wood rosin from Elliotti pine stumps using steam distillation.

We welcome discussions with companies seeking to build sustainable pine chemical extraction plants on a technology licensing basis or to joint venture within a project.

Product Specifications


Found along with turpentine in pine logs and stumps, pine rosin is a highly sought-after material, used in various everyday products, from chewing gum to tires.

We pride ourselves in producing world class natural pine turpentine and natural pine rosin in its purest form, with zero additives.

Our highest grade of natural rosin is a product of distillation that only uses steam and does not come into contact with any external chemicals. 

Replacing Petrochemicals in the supply chain

Rosin and its chemical derivatives are chiefly used to make soaps, varnishes, sealing wax, printer inks, driers, sizes for paper, adhesives, binders, soldering fluxes, and gloss oils for paints.

Key Benefits