High purity sugars and co-products

We welcome discussions with companies seeking an advanced cellulosic sugar production platform on a technology licensing basis or to joint venture within a project. 


Leaf Resources’ breakthrough pretreatment technology – the Glycell Process – revolutionises bio-based production from lingocellulosic biomass.

Using advanced chemistry and engineering, Glycell breaks down plant biomass at lower temperature and pressure to generate a higher yield of cellulose than conventional approaches.


The cellulose and hemicellulose extracted from biomass, and the sugars released from these carbohydrates, are the primary carbon building blocks in the production of bio-based chemicals, plastics and biofuels.

Cellulosic Fuels

In the transition to a circular, low carbon economy, cellulosic biofuels will provide a vital liquid fuel alternative to petroleum for existing industries. The market for second generation biofuels, produced from high-energy, non-food plant biomass, is rapidly growing. Glycell™ is well placed to capitalise on this expansion.

The Glycell Process

Replacing bio-based chemicals in the supply chain



Bio-based chemicals