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Company Update

ROTORUA PLANT CONSTRUCTION The Company has recently received an offer for the lease of the Rotorua, New Zealand site and is now in the process of negotiating the final details of a counter-offer to conclude a 30-year lease. Commencement of site earthworks and other regulatory approvals have been impacted by significant delays in finalising the […]
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Chairman’s Address. November 2022 AGM

“This last year has been an interesting time in the development of Leaf Resources and its goal of becoming a leading natural and renewable pine chemical company. Whilst we have been recovering from the set back of events last year, I believe we have opened up a large window to a much better future and […]
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The growing demand for Pine Chemicals

The pine chemical market is predicted to grow at least 5% percent annual growth CAGR[1] until 2027. The current market worth globally is AUD$15bn (US$10bn). This forecasted growth can largely be attributed to the growing environmental awareness around the world, according to the Managing Director of Leaf Resources, Ray Mountfort. “With more governments introducing restrictions […]
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The Characteristics Of Rosin

There are three types of rosin: Gum Rosin Is the oldest commercial sources of rosin and one of the oldest resinous raw materials. The gum resin is extracted from pine trees through an incision in the tree and the sap is collected. Wood rosin is harvested from the stump of pine trees through extraction and distillation. […]
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Live Webinar

Join Managing Director, Ray Mountfort for a live webinar Tuesday July 26th at 2pm AEDT. Ray will be discussing the latest relisting, the successful capital raise, the upgraded plant, the operational status of the company and the opportunities and strategy for growth. Please register to attend here:
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Stump Trial and Plant Upgrade Updates

Introducing the T-Rex. Appropriately named for its strong teeth which prise the roots out of the ground. The T-Rex has been purchased by our forestry partners to improve the speed and efficiency of the stump-pulling, from every 60 seconds to every 30 seconds. Once the stump is removed, the roots are left behind to fertilise the soil. At the […]
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Rebuilding and Upgrading

We are pleased to announce that short-term financing has been arranged to acquire key equipment required to restore its plant, being a fit for-purpose solvent extractor with capacity to produce 16,000 tonnes per annum (“TPA”) of Leaf’s natural pine chemical products. Work has begun dismantling the plant in New Zealand while the Apple Tree Creek […]
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The History of Pine Chemicals

Did you know pine chemicals were the original biochemical? Records of the 4th and 2nd Century B.C show resin was used for waterproofing and caulking the vessels, sometime later it became known as naval stores, a term which persisted for centuries. In the 18th century as chemists learned of the endless applications for this product […]
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Chemicals made from trees, not petroleum.

At Leaf Resources we are decarbonising the chemical industry, with chemicals made from trees sourced from FSC certified forests, not petroleum. Pine Chemicals have been around for centuries but the traditional methods of manufacturing use hexane or plant hormones which leave toxic residues in the environment and the end product. Our organic extraction technology uses […]
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