About Us

Towards a fossil-free chemical industry

We are an emerging world leader in converting non-food plant biomass into useful, sustainable, renewable products.

As the world shifts from a fossil-based economy to a sustainable bio-economy, our innovative technology is embracing the power of FSC certified forests, by turning pine trees into sustainable products.

Our technologies enable the replacement of petroleum-based chemicals and plastics, with the aim of moving society towards the bio-economy.

We will continue to innovate, consistently optimising our patented technology to increase efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint. We’re on the path to become the world leader in sustainable pine chemical extraction. 

In 2020 we acquired Essential Queensland

In 2020 Leaf Resources acquired Essential Queensland, a company pioneering sustainable and clean pine chemical production, utilising a proprietary organic solvent extraction technology. 

The founder Ray Mountfort developed the idea to extract and produce rosin and terpenes directly from wood, after working for a New Zealand based company (Eka Chemicals now Lawters) that extracts rosin and terpenes from the by-products of the Kraft pulping process and adds value to them through further processing.

Supply was short and it was identified that plantation trees were not being suitably exploited for pine chemicals. Since this time Ray has been developing this process. In July 2016 Ray and his family moved to Gympie in Queensland, Australia and started to develop the Natural Pine Chemicals opportunity.