Our Facility

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Apple Tree Creek Site

Australia's first and only company to extract pine chemicals out of pine trees.

We have completed the construction of a 8,000 tonne per annum Natural Pine Chemical Extraction Plant at the Apple Tree Creek Site in Bundaberg in the first quarter of 2021.

The Apple Tree Creek Plant will be the catalyst for the commercialisation of its technology across the world. As the first pine chemical manufacturer in the country it marks a huge step forward towards growing a sustainable bioeconomy in the transition to a net zero world.

The state-of-the-art facility brings together cutting edge technology and innovative engineering excellence to revolutionise pine chemical extraction process.   

Thank you to our passionate team and local partners for making this vision a reality.

Our Forests

We source our pine from large man-made renewable plantations which are sustainably managed with a long rotation farm over a 30 year life cycle.

We work closely with our forestry partners to develop innovative practices to utilise low value wood. Ensuring great “win-win” synergistic relationships with our partner forest owners.

Thank you to our passionate team and local partners for making our vision a reality. 

Sourced from FSC Forests

We use only sustainable renewable FSC certified plantation forests. This means for every tree that we use, another one is planted.

Pine Tree By-products

We use parts of the tree such as stumps which would normally be considered a waste product/low value wood.