Leaf Resources has a joint venture with Claeris to build its first commercial biorefinery in Segamat, located in the Southern Malaysian state of Johor. With a plentiful supply of non-food biomass, Malaysia represents an exciting long-term location for renewable chemicals.

Leaf’s biorefinery project has strong support from the Malaysian government. Leaf has signed a Memoranda of Understanding with Agnensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM), the government’s National Innovation Agency and the Malaysian Bio-economy Development Corporation


The state of Johor has plentiful supply of cost-competitive biomass in the form of empty fruit bunch fibre (EFB) a waste product from the palm oil production.

Johor also has a bio-park with utilities and well-established transport networks including the Segamat Inland Port and truck transport to Johor and Kuala Lumpur ports.

Potential product off-takers in the region have already expressed interest in the Glycell™ process.

Bio Nexus Status

Leaf Development has lodged an application for Bio-Nexus status through a wholly owned subsidiary of Leaf Development, Leaf Malaysia OpCo Sdn Bhd.

Aurecon Feasibility Study

International engineering consultancy Aurecon has completed an analysis of Leaf’s Glycell™ powered biorefinery project, comfirming strong project economics, technical feasibility and sustainability.

Commercial Scale Facility

Leaf continues to advance the development of its 100,000 bone dry tonne (BDT) commercial scale biorefinery in Malaysia. The company is exploring opportunities with new and existing partners to reshape the renewable chemicals industry using Glycell™ technology.

“I am impressed with Malaysia’s commitment to create a high-value, bio-based industry. The proactive nature of all parties demonstrates their commitment to making it happen.”

Ken Richards CEO Leaf Resources