“I am impressed with Malaysia’s commitment to create a high-value, bio-based industry. The proactive nature of all parties demonstrates their commitment to making it happen.”

Ken Richards CEO Leaf Resources


Leaf and our project development JV partner Claeris have spent significant efforts discussing and progressing potential biorefineries/second generation sugar (2G sugar) projects, enabled by Leaf’s GlycellTM process, in Malaysia.

Malaysia represents an exciting and long-term location for biomass and end chemical markets. Key memoranda have been signed with Leaf and Malaysian Government authorities (Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM) and Malaysian Bio-economy Development Corporation.


Discussions with various state and local authorities in Sarawak continue to progress positively.  The sheer size and scale of the potential Sarawak project mean that planning and decision making are progressing in line with the scale of the opportunity and further decisions on this project are expected.

Leaf Development (the joint development company of Leaf Resources’ and Claeris’) is in frequent discussion with the relevant Federal, state and local authorities and Leaf Development remains confident of a positive outcome in Sarawak.

AIM continues to acknowledge the importance of having a 2G sugar facility (embedding Leaf’s GlycellTM process) as part of the Sarawak bio-hub and to state their support for Leaf as part of this development. Sarawak remains a large and attractive project.


A site in the State of Johor (on the Malaysian Peninsula) has recently been investigated.  An established bio-park in Johor with substantial facilities, including utilities and potential product offtakers, has expressed interest in securing Leaf’s Glycell™ process as its 2G sugar platform.

The major advantages of Johor are:

An accelerated pathway to finalised construction;
An established supply chain of oil palm waste (empty fruit bunch – EFB), and;
Potential off-take customers within the park.

BIO Nexus Status

Leaf Development has lodged an application for Bio-Nexus status through a wholly owned subsidiary of Leaf Development, Leaf Malaysia OpCo Sdn Bhd.

Leaf continues to advance the development of its first commercial scale facility in Malaysia, including now a site in Johor offering potential engineering and construction advantages. Malaysian federal and state governments and their agencies continue to support Leaf’s objectives. At the same time, Leaf is committed to exploring additional opportunities with new and existing partners who have identified the potential that Glycell™ 2G sugar process presents in reshaping the green chemicals industry.