LeafCOAT™ technology was developed at the Queensland University of Technology and was licensed by Leaf Resources in 2017. Unlike other coatings, bonded LeafCOAT™ does not need to be separated from the paper in the recycling process, making LeafCOAT™ packaging easy to recycle in the paper and cardboard recycling systems.

Made using lignin from forestry and/or agricultural waste, LeafCOAT™ provides an excellent waterproof barrier while increasing the overall strength of the packaging. LeafCOAT™ helps brand owners meet growing consumer demand for more sustainable products and reduce the amount of mixed material packaging sent to landfill.

Food Packaging

Bio-based LeafCOAT™ provides excellent grease and oil barriers properties, ideal for food packaging.

Paper Mulch

LeafCOAT™ is highly suited to paper mulch a biodegradable weed block for agricultural applications which avoids the creation of plastic waste.

Coffee Cups

A recyclable, compostable replacement for plastic-lined disposable cups, LeafCOAT™ has excellent moisture barrier properties.


LeafCOAT™ offers a wax free coating for  corrugated and linerboard which is recyclable and repulpable reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.

Sustainable Bio-Based Coating

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