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Leaf Resources (ASX:LER) is accelerating the commercialisation of its GlycellTM technology through its JV with Claeris, which has a proven track record of developing successful, large-scale renewable production facilities. The globally significant GycellTM technology, produces sugars from biomass for processing to high-value bio chemicals at a much lower cost than alternative technologies. With at least two bankable feasibility studies and further additions to the project pipeline expected, Leaf has a very strong growth path for 2017.

SBN Youth Media

Listen to Ken Richards chat with Switch On Radio on Going Green and the GlycellTM Process

Leah and Miani chat with Ken Richards, Managing Director of Leaf Resources Ltd, an innovative Australian company that is focused on making sustainable products from plant biomass using advanced disruptive technology for breaking down plant derived biomass into useful, sustainable, renewable and biodegradable products. Exciting!

Edison Investment Research
Executive Interview with Ken Richards

In this video interview, Managing Director Ken Richards discusses the company’s background , and how Leaf Resources differentiates itself from other industrial biotechnology companies. He explains that the company has a competitive advantages in terms of efficiency , and Leaf’s ability to deliver the end product at a low price. Ken goes on to discuss Leaf’s strategy to monetise the potential of the GlycellTM process, the potential for projects and the possibility of generating additional revenue streams from co-products in the future.

Wholesale Investor Conference
Ken Richards presenting the business case for the GlycellTM process

In this video, Managing Director Ken Richards, presents at a Sydney investor conference, the compelling business case for the GlycellTM process.

Banksia Sustainability Awards
Kas Hingoorani GlycellTM  ‘Lycra’presentation

In a five minute TED style talk, Kas from Leaf Resources captured the audience with the GlycellTM ‘Lycra’ presentation.