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Bio-Based Markets

Cellulose – driving bio-based chemistry

In virtually every industry consumer demand for greener more natural products is fuelling interest in bio-based alternatives to replace oil/petrochemical-based products.

Bio-based building blocks

The cellulose and hemicellulose extracted from biomass, and the sugars released from these carbohydrates, are the primary carbon building blocks in the production of an array of biofuels, chemicals and plastics that can be used in almost all industrial and manufacturing processes.

Cellulosic derived fuels

Cellulosic derived fuels will be especially important as the world transitions towards a circular zero carbon economy. Maintaining a continuous flux of affordable (drop-in) liquid fuels is vital for existing industries, infrastructure and transport like automobiles and aircraft. Using dense, high-energy waste biomass to generate useful biofuels is a rapidly growing market that the Glycell process is well placed to capitalise on as it expands further.