About Us

Leaf Resources Limited (ASX:LER) is one of the world’s leading companies in converting non-food plant biomass into useful, sustainable, renewable products. Our proprietary Glycell™ process is unique. Using Glycell™ , we can efficiently and cost-effectively transform biomass from agricultural and forestry waste into cellulosic sugars, lignin and refined glycerol.

Leaf’s technology delivers an essential ingredient to produce renewable chemicals and biodegradable and recyclable biomaterials. Cellulosic sugars have the potential to replace virtually all petroleum-derived materials used in manufacturing today.

The world is shifting from a fossil-based economy to a sustainable bioeconomy. We offer a disruptive technology to make this a reality.

Efficient Pretreatment Process

Glycell™ technology, developed and available for licensing from Leaf Resources, is an innovative biomass pretreatment process. Glycell™ operates at low temperature and pressure and uses glycerol as the low cost, recyclable reagent. The process effectively breaks down plant biomass to generate a high yield and concentration of cellulose, while optimising capital and operating efficiency.

Our vision is to build a global business centred on sustainable and renewable carbon. Through bio-based innovation, we seek to reward our shareholders and bring benefit to the environment and the community.

Intellectual and creative diversity, a commitment to innovation and teamwork are our defining values, fueling our business growth as we serve the needs of our diverse global customer and partner base.

Leaf Resources believes that partnering with industry leaders across a breadth of product supply chains will bring synergies and speed the commercial production of our process technology in a capital efficient manner. Leaf sees this path as an effective means of deployment to multiple plants in diverse settings and the opportunity to further innovate in both product and process technologies.