Sustainable Products from Plant Biomass

A global leader in green chemistry, Leaf Resources is reshaping the realm of sustainable product production

As society increasingly moves toward the bio economy, with more sustainable methods of production and extraction, our innovative, environmentally-friendly processes and products are leading the way in the replacement of petroleum-based chemicals and plastics. 

“It’s time for the world to shift! All companies face a direct impact from decreasing natural resources, rising populations and disruptions from climate change.”

Mark Parker, CEO Nike

A Breakthrough Technology

We are embarking on the biggest change the pine chemical industry has experienced since the 1950s. We have developed a world-first revolutionary process for solvent extraction from woody biomass in a sustainable and scalable way.

Natural Organic Solvent Extraction Technology

Traditionally, rosin and turpentine are extracted using environmentally unfriendly and labour intensive processes. For example, many production processes employ the use of the environmentally and physically dangerous chemical, Hexane. We use only low temperatures, low pressure and natural turpentine. This means our products are environmentally friendly and suitable for all downstream processing including food grade products.

The Glycol Process

The Glycol process revolutionises bio-based production from lingocellulosic biomass. Using advanced chemistry and engineering, Glycell™ breaks down plant biomass at lower temperature and pressure to generate a higher yield of cellulose than conventional approaches.

Our Products

  • Natural Rosin
  • Natural Turpentine
  • Cellulosic sugars
  • Lignin
  • Refined glycerol