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Sustainable Products from Plant Biomass

A global green chemistry leader, Leaf Resources is reshaping the economics of using lignocellulosic biomass to replace petrochemicals in thousands of everyday products.

A sustainable bio-based economy needs alternatives to non-renewable feedstocks. Our Glycell process significantly reduces the cost of transforming renewable and abundant biomass into high-purity cellulosic sugars, a key ingredient in bio-based production.

There are currently five billion tonnes of biomass available worldwide, enough to produce $750 billion worth of cellulosic sugars per year.

“It’s time for the world to shift! All companies face a direct impact from decreasing natural resources, rising populations and disruptions from climate change.”

Mark Parker, CEO Nike

A Breakthrough Technology

Using waste glycerol from biodiesel production, Glycell produces cellulosic sugars, lignin and refined glycerol.

The Glycell™ process is highly efficient. Out technology yields 25% more high-purity sugars, faster and using lower pressure and temperature than rival biomass transformation technologies.

Profitable Co-Products

Co-products from the Glycell process lignin and refined glycerol, can be sold to generate additional revenue streams reducing the operating costs of cellulosic sugar production. During the Glycell process, glycerol is refined from 80% to 95% purity. Purer form glycerol is a higher value product suitable for more refined industrial requirements.

Feedstock Flexibility

Proven to work effectively on different types of biomass, Glycell breaks down woody and non-woody feedstock including eucalyptus, poplar, bagasse, empty fruit bunch and corn stover. The process is applicable to agricultural and forestry waste or non-food crops grown on marginal agricultural land.

Key Benefits Of The Glycell Process:

  • Cost effective, high-purity cellulosic sugars
  • Low capital and operating costs
  • Highly accessible cellulose
  • Uses industrially available equipment
  • Continuous process design
  • Versatile scale of operation
  • Enables new world of biological transformation (where microbial cells replace current industrial manufacturing approaches)

Product Opportunities

Glycell dramatically reduces the cost of the main feedstock for bio-based production, providing a cost-effective, high purity, non-food source of cellulosic sugars.

“Leading the development and use of packaging materials made from sustainable managed renewable resources such as bio-plastics.” 


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